Government Regulations

Finding your way through all the licensing, customs, and governmental regulations requires a professional, knowledgable approach. Crown Developers Ghana spends each and every day navigating through intricate local and federal government channels. Our expertise helps businesses obtain the licenses and meet the regulations needed to start and finish large projects.

Have an ambitious project that can help move Ghana forward? CDG communicates with officials and local authorities to move projects forward. When it comes to building social, civil, and nutritional infrastructure, red tape can be thicker than you expect.

Crown Developers Ghana provides direction when licensing and regulation becomes more than a business can handle. Understanding how the complex system works, knowing who to speak to, and building relationships with government entities is essential for moving large projects to completion. CDG helps business with big plans make big moves.

Crown Developers Ghana believes that the best projects grow out of working hand-in-hand with both federal and local government entities. Each of our projects, from building schools and training centers to roads, water supplies, and energy, are only completed by navigating the right governmental channels. CDG works with local governments to build a better tomorrow for all of West Africa.