Nutritional Infrastructure

At Crown Developers Ghana, we believe that nutritional infrastructure is essential in building a healthy economy. Together with Crown Commodities and Trading, we build everything from cold storage to food production facilities, processing locations, and even agricultural educational centers. We are focused on improving the health of the community by building modern, safe, and secure nutritional infrastructure.

Crown Foods and the newly built Nnoba Center for Food and Agricultural Science are just a few of the projects established by Crown Commodities and Trading. CDG develops some of the most vital components of nutritional infrastructure throughout Ghana and the surrounding areas. As agriculture systems are established, the rich countryside of West Africa will become an exporter and importer of quality foods.

Our focus is on creating a more sustainable, locally sourced nutritional infrastructure. Crown Developers Ghana is constantly working to develop cold storage, processing, and food production services to meet the growing demand for quality nutritional. You can’t have a healthy country without a well-design, well-built food infrastructure.

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