Public Information Initiatives

public-informationAt Crown Developers Ghana, we strive to improve our local community with every project. We are also committed to complete transparency to ensure accountability, honesty, and integrity in our business practices. Our chief goal at CDG is to constantly increase quality of life standards throughout the communities of the West African region.

Our ambitious goal cannot, however, be achieved alone. Since 2007, CDG has made its project proposals, structures, designs and all other development related information available to the public. Now, CDG provides access to this content to anyone at anytime.

We believe that open and fair competition with industry rivals hastens growth, spurs innovation and improves the overall quality of development projects.

We are increasing the transparency of our efforts to ensure that CDG will not only remain accountable to ourselves, but also to the communities we seek to serve. All of our development documentation can be found in the directory below:

See our latests projects and proposals for Public Information Initiatives:

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